Dominique Johnson

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Dominique Johnson

Good day to you! Well, I was originally born in California, but have been in Texas since I can remember. I graduated Klein Forest High School in 2006 and worked for Greystone Montessori School. That was the moment I fell in love with working with children. Their personalities, imaginations, their “fearlessness”. I knew at 18 I wanted to work with mini-people . That same year I was motivated into dentistry. My mother had a procedure done and it was the coolest thing I’ve ever heard or seen in my life! I moved and attended Everest Institute in the dental program. Working full-time at night and attending school for 7-8 hrs during the day for months before graduation was super tough; but I made through it! Began doing my internship, after one month I got employed right off the back! So since December 2007 I have been an assistant. Even lead Dental Assistant in 3 offices! Good work ethic is highly important to me. I have been working with Dr. Ahmed for going on five years now and would like to continue on so.

I like to color and sketch. I love astrology, oceanography, having cinematic adventures, and working with children. There is nothing in the world more gratifying than seing a child happy and smile at the dental office. I do not have children of my own, yet I do have three younger siblings (14,10,5) and they are so much fun! My philosophy is “treat people and children how you want to be treated.” Even as adults, we get nervous and we have anxieties. So I don’t want anyone in my presence to feel these negative auras. But my objective in this life is to change the world one smile at a time, from child to adult. At the end of the day if I get smiles with a happy appointment I know my job has been done. Well, thank you for taking time out your day to read what I have to say; but now I have to get back to my coloring book! See you soon!