Tony Medick

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Tony graduated from The University of Texas Health Science center of Houston as a dental hygienist in 2008 after having completed a four year business management degree from the University of Phoenix in 2006. Prior to his dedicated years in dentistry, Tony served his country for five years in the US Army, including serving during Desert Storm and in Germany.

Tony’s story is unique; he became a dental hygienist when his own hygienist convinced him that he would be good at it. Tony disliked getting his teeth cleaned for many years because of difficult experiences as a child. He has come a long way himself, and he treats patients the way he would have wanted to be treated. Favorite quote: “Work hard and play hard.” and “Do what you say and say what you meant”.

Tony has a very happy marriage with two boys, a dog, and a cat. He has been a part of the Houston northwest community since 1988. Tony’s eldest son wants to be a dentist! When his is not busy with dentistry, Tony enjoys gardening, surfing, hunting, hiking, photography, bicycling, and restoring motor cars.

Tony is a well-trained, extremely friendly, gentle, and comprehensive hygienist. He enjoys educating patients on gum and teeth issues to is big on preventing issues such as gum disease and bleeding of the gums. We have high compliments of Tony in our office and we love having him around.